National Award Winning Documentary “The Way We Get By” Premieres at Bangor Cinema 

Starting today, the Bangor Mall Cinemas will be showing “The Way We Get By,” a national award winning documentary profiling maine troop greeters at Bangor International Airport.Meghan Hayward has the story.”Sometimes all it takes is a handshake to save a life.”A short message but a powerful one that radiates throughout the documentary “The Way We Get By.”Director Aron Gaudet, an Old Town native, says he had no idea how big the film would become.”We started and I think we were just naive enough to just jump in and start doing it. And then got far enough in that even when we doubted ourselves we were too far in to quit.”The film shadows the lives of three senior citizens serving as troop greeters at Bangor International Airport, the main departure and arrival point for troops since the start of the first Iraq war. Gaudet became interested in the greeters after his mother Joan got involved and he went with her to the airport.”That was just a really emotional moment where we said, you know I think there’s a story here.”The film first premiered in April at the University of Maine.Since then, Gaudet has been traveling across the country showing the film.He’s happy to have it back in Bangor, where most of it took place.”So to see it on the marquee and see it playing here I think it’s pretty cool. I mean more than any place it’s played this has more meaning because this was the movie theater I came to.”Gaudet’s mother Joan is one of the greeters featured in the film.”It blows my mind every time I see the film. This is probably my nineteenth time seeing it. But it still gives you that strange feeling like is this really happening?”Terry Archer was one of the first in line to watch the film.This will be her first time seeing it, but she says she’s heard great reviews.”There are marvelous stories all around us and when somebody can capture something like this it’s a great thing.”The film will continue to play at the Bangor Mall Cinemas through September Seventeenth, with daily showings at 1:00, 4:00, 7:00 and 9:30.DVD copies are also available to purchase for twenty dollars.