TABOR Two Gathering 

Folks gathered Wednesday along the Bangor Waterfront to talk about TABOR two, also known as the taxpayers bill of rights.TABOR two is question 4 on the ballot this November. On Wednesday afternoon people from area businesses, the healthcare community, and education expressed concerns regarding the issue.Folks say the bill could effect the education system in Maine by cutting funding, causing tuition at state schools to rise to the level of private institutions.Some at the event say TABOR two would also effect services provided by the state… “Everything from disaster preparedness to public safety, like fire departments and police departments, emergency medical services like ambulances,” Dr. Charles Pattavina, the chief of emergency medicine at St. Joeseph’s in Bangor said on Wednesday. “We do talk a lot about Colorado, where this was tried and failed, but in Seattle for example there were people who led an effort to get fairly small tax cuts, and yet they had no idea they were dismantling their entire trauma system.”In late July, the Bangor city council voted to reject TABOR two. Folks at Wednesday’s gathering say they hope other town councils and school boards do the same.