Recovery Summit Held in Bangor 

Supporting recovery as a community responsibility was the message being delivered at a summit in Bangor today.As Meghan Hayward tells us, the information provided will help those in recovery feel safe in their communities.September is national recovery month.Some folks in Bangor came together to discuss what the community can do do to help those on the path to recovery.”I think that the take home message that we have is supporting recovery is a community responsibility and through our corporate sponsors and other partners in this event, we’ve already succeeded before we’ve started.”Bruce Campbell of the Recovering Community Coalition says their hope is to raise visibility of recovery in the community.”The typical tendency is to say, oh that’s someone else’s problem. Let the sheriff, or the welfare and treatment folks deal with that. But the truth of matter is once someone has entered into a path of recovery, they’re live in the community. So if they go to the grocery for ice cream and turn around and see a bottle of Coffee Brandy, that’s not a helpful thing.”Emily Lenney has been in recovery for eight years.”When we’re successful in recovery, we sort of just disappear back into the community. Because we’re successful at it. And so being here and sharing that and being a voice to recovery is going to help the community be more supportive of people in recovery.”Lenney says the 12 step program and peer support recovery helped her.”Having a summit like this bring education and awareness to the community might have provided more options for peer support recovery. Statistics are showing us that is really what works best.”Lenney says a summit like this one also benefits her.”That’s the magic. That is the wonderful part of it. That’s really what will keep me sober in the future, today, tomorrow and the next day. Because if I have the opportunity to reach out to someone else and give them the message that was given so freely to me.”