Pittsfield Unveils New Wind Turbine 

It’s the coronation of nearly 4 years of planning. Today the Town of Pittsfield cut the ribbon on their brand new wind turbine at the town’s recycling center. Town Manager Kathryn Ruth was just one of the folks on hand. “I think we are just so excited that this has worked out,’ Ruth said, “this is just a dream project, it looked like it was outside the reach of the town because we couldn’t spend $50 or $60,000 for a wind turbine.”That was the thinking here in Pittsfield until they found the grant money to make their dream a reality. “A few months ago we located the Public Utilities Volunteer Resource Fund and applied for the wind turbine project for the the recycling center,” Ruth said, “we gratefully accepted and were awarded a $50,000 grant.”With that grant money the town constructed a wind turbine that is strong enough to withstand tornado force winds of over 100 MPH says John Rush of Evolo Energy Solutions in Newport. They constructed the turbine. “The wind turbine is a 10 kilowatt bergie wind turbine,” Rush says, “it’s on a 100 foot tower and its basically fed into this facility to provide electricity for the building.”The turbine is expected to produce over 9000 kilowatts of clean electricity and save the recycling center here around $1500 annually on their electric bill. Mayor Tim Nichols says the good news doesn’t end there. “In time that’s what we’re looking at,” says Mayor Nichols, “especially when 2 days a week this facility is idle, you take the windy days in March and the windy days in October and that thing is going 40-50-55 mph that’s producing power that’s building up in a kilowatt savings bank we’re not using.” The town gets credit for the power they generate, but do not need to use. The end result could be an electric bill of $0.00.The folks here are hoping this type of project will help put an end to exploding energy costs. “We don’t have to spend $4 per gallon on oil to get by,” says Nichols, “we don’t have to, it’s ridiculous, and we gotta fight back.”If they have their way here, this is only the beginning. “I’m hoping this is just the first step in wind maybe some solar,” Nichols says, “this whole thing has methane gas under it, there’s all kinds of possibilities.”