Offshore Wind Power Discussed 

The first of five public information meetings to discuss possible sites for testing new offshore wind power technology took place Wednesday night in Ellsworth.State officials have identified seven possible sites stretching from southern waters off York County to far eastern Maine.The demostration sites would be about three miles off the coast, and they would be used to test things like turbines, blades, and anchoring systems.Organizers say this is an emerging technology that hasn’t been tested in the U.S. yet. “The point of demonstration sites is more to learn about the performance of equipment and to monitor effects on marine mammals, birds, and other natural resources near the sites,” Said The Director of the Maine Coastal Program Kathleen Leyden.Organizers say they have been involved in open dialog with folks about the possible sites.Officials have until December 15th to select between one and five of the spots to be used as demonstration sites to test components for deep-water wind farms.