Officers Compete in Donut Eating Contest 

Four cops walk into a donut shop.Sounds like the beginning of a joke, right?That’s what happened in Rockland today.Law enforcement officers took part in a donut-eating contest to raise money for a great cause.Amy Erickson has more.These law enforcement officers were more than happy to play up the “cop in a donut shop” joke Thursday at Tim Horton’s in Rockland.Last year, the officers approached the shop’s owner, Derek Knutsen and asked him to help raise money for Special Olympics.Knutsen knew right away what he wanted to do.”Owning a coffee and donut shop, we figured what better way to do it but a donut eating contest with law enforcement involved. The whole police and donut eating stigma was something we’d be able to play on.”Thursday, the second annual Law Enforcement Donut Eating Contest kicked off…with huge crowds cheering on the competitors…who came from different agencies, including the State Police, Maine D-E-A, and several local departments.The challenge?First one to eat six donuts wins.”One, two three! Start eating”In the end, only one man could lay claim to the title “donut eating champ.”Justin Hills from Camden First Aid.”I can keep my head high when I drive through the county now and see all these cops…now they’ll all know who I am!”And although it was all for fun, there was still some trash talking going on.”We knew this year after camden pd’s poor showing last year, we went and got a ringer in, Justin. For us, we knew we were the underdogs. It was like a t-ball team taking on the boston red sox. But we gave it our best try and made a valiant effort.””I thought if I could just get as many down as quickly as I could…but halfway through, I couldn’t get any more in my mouth and I was having trouble swallowing.”Even the Special Olympians themselves got in on the fun…with a Timbit-eating contest…”The kids eating the timbits…they had a lot of fun and it got them involved and it brought a chuckle to everybody’s face.””When it has to do with kids, it makes it that much sweeter.””This is just a great cause and we’re very happy to do it.”