Carmel Students Take Class Outside 

Some kids at Caravel Middle School in Carmel are taking advantage of the extended summer weather – by taking their classes outside.Nearly 70 students are spending some time at Camp Roosevelt in Eddington, carrying on a back-to-school tradition.Catherine Pegram reports.”You bring the bow down and when you know to let go, you let go.”For 7th graders from Caraval Middle school – the chance to spend three days and two nights at camp instead of in the classroom is worth starting the summer for. Kailee Dunton, Seventh Grader- “It’s cooler, you learn more stuff and it’s not as boring like when you sit down and read a text book. Here its like hands-on experience.”Every year, the kids start off class with this extended field trip, known as outdoor school. Teacher Frank Johnson says it’s been a part of the student curriculum for more than 20 years.Frank Johnson, Teacher- “Probably many of them learn more here than they might in two weeks at regular school because they’re all engaged.” From learning about Native American history – to learning to trust each other in team building exercises, students experience a little of everything.Like the Revolutionary War, played out with re-enactors, instead of read in the classroom. Anne Moody, Teacher- “And there would be some students that would be able to pick up on that, imagine it, care about it. But when it’s right in front of them and they can sometimes try on the actors clothes, sometimes they’ve been able to eat some of the cookies made from that time, you’ll take it more deeply with you in the future.”Outdoor school also teaches them about a simpler way of life.”For example the kids are staying here in huts. A lot of this camp, there’s no electricity. there’s outhouses – now they’re regular bathrooms, too.”Half way through their time here, the students say they’re looking forward to what the rest of outdoor school brings. But they already know a few things to expect. “More learning really and a lot of fun – and when you get home, a hot shower.”Outdoor school ends Friday with the students taking a field trip, from their field trip. They’ll spend part of the day in Castine to learn about Maine’s maritime history.