Take This Job and Love It: Gifford’s Ice Cream 

We’ve all wondered what it would be like to switch jobs and try something new.Amy Erickson’s been trying her hand at all sorts of professions.This time, she’s scooping Gifford’s famous ice cream.She has more in this “Take This Job and Love It.”Rhonda Charette’s a scooping superstar.She’s been here at Gifford’s Ice Cream in Bangor for 20 years.She says she can teach me the ropes…but it’ll be trickier than I think.”Is there more of a challenge in here than people think? definitely. takes a little bit of practice.””You can get ice cream up to your elbows, so be careful! Ok!”Once I’ve donned my apron, I start with the basics…scooping ice cream.First surprise?Each scoop has to be the exact same size…four ounces.We start with vanilla.”And you use this as a cutting edge. you scrape the ice cream towards you until you think you’ve got enough for your cone.”Sure enough, Rhonda’s scoop is right on the money.”How did you do that? Exactly 4 ounces. How’d you do it? 20 years’ work, probably.”Next, I try my hand…it’s not as easy as it looks.”Oh, I’m over. Not too bad!”From there, Rhonda shows me the secret of adding sprinkles…”Lay it on, roll it around, you’re pressing…there you go.”…And how to make a frappe that has just the right consistency…Then it’s time for more of a challenge…”Ok, you’re going to make a sundae with mint chip ice cream. It needs 2 scoops of mint chip.””Ok, that’s the tricky part….tuck in any fudge that’s falling out.””I like whipped cream. Now put a cherry on top…a teaspoon of nuts.”I think it looks good enough to eat.Next, it’s time to prepare the homemade waffle cones…I start with the batter.”How do you get it out of there? use your muscle! this job takes more muscle than i thought. Is your right arm much stronger than your left? It sure is!”Then it’s time to fire up the waffle maker and shape the cones…look how fast Rhonda does it…Now it’s my turn…”It’s a little hot! that’s why we move so fast.”And I forgot the most important part…sealing the bottom of the cone…uh-oh.”So whoever has a drippy cone tonight can blame me. we’re gonna tell them to give you a call!”When I’m done, Rhonda gives me my review.”You did great. I’d bring you back for a little more training but then you could work with us anytime during the summer.””As fast as we work here, the pace, you just need to practice a little more…and toughen up my hands for those hot waffles?! definitely.”We’re always looking for suggestions for our next job swap story.If you have a suggestion, email us: [email protected]