‘Lucky’ Baby Born to Addison Mom on 9-9-09 

Some people say a baby who was born this morning in Ellsworth is very lucky. And, everyone will always remember his birth date.”To see her holding her baby, you can just see the love. It’s amazing.”Jace Michael was born to Natasha Bouchard of Addison early Wednesday morning. He only kept her waiting a little more than nine months.”Actually I was due a week ago, so yeah. He’s my miracle baby,” Bouchard says.A miracle born on the ninth day, of the ninth month of two-thousand nine…a joy to the nurses at Maine Coast Memorial Hospital as well.”I didn’t think about it until we started to do some of the paperwork. Because we had talked about it last week, how cool it would be to have a baby on 9-9-09. And then we thought, oh my, we really did!” says RN Deborah Malone.The number nine is considered by some cultures to be lucky. Some faiths say it symbolizes completeness.”I still just can’t believe it. It’s just such a shock that he’s here.”Bouchard says the labor was long and complicated, but lucky little Jace came in at six pounds, and healthy.”I got a little worried when I heard what was happening but I knew she was going to be OK and Jace was going to be fine,” says Bouchard’s friend, Rebecca Carver.Carver says Jace already has a promising future, because he already has a special mom.”To see her pregnant was great because I know she’ll be an amazing mother. I think that he’s going to have a very special life and I think he’s going to have a lot of good luck.”