Koehler Pleads Not Guilty in Bangor Murder 

A man accused of murdering a woman on the Bangor waterfront last month pled not guilty to the charges today. 34-year-old Colin Koehler of Bangor remained mostly quiet during the brief proceedings this morning. He is accused of killing 19-year-old Holly Boutilier of Old Town on August eighth.His attorney, Richard Hartley, says they will waive a bail hearing at this time. He says their next step will be to review the state’s files related to the case, which he hopes to receive by next week.”We have reviewed the affidavit you have reviewed and done some of our own investigation, but in terms of understanding the state’s case we’re waiting for the opportunity to do that. We expect that now we’ll be able to do that,” Hartley says.Members of both families and friends of Koehler also attended the proceedings today.Police have also arrested a second man in connection with the case, 27-year-old Justin Ptaszynski. He’s charged with murder and hindering apprehension or prosecution.Assistant Attorney General Andrew Benson says there is a possibility the two cases could be joined together when it eventually goes to trial.”I suspect that we’ll present Mr. Ptaszynski’s case to the grand jury the next time the grand jury convenes. And the case may or may not be joined for trial. That’s just a determination we have to make at this point,” Benson says.Koehler will continue to be held without bail at Penobscot County Jail.