Greeters Honored 

People at the Bangor International Airport are always looking for new ways to say “thank you” to the Maine Troop Greeters.Folks there say it’s important to recognize the work the greeters do, day and night: welcoming troops who pass through the airport on their way to and from overseas.Wednesday night, airport officials are throwing an appreciation event for the greeters.They’re also planning to reveal plans for a new way to honor the troop greeters. “We will be unveiling a permanent commemorative that we will be placing on the airport grounds in honor of the troop greeters that will be completed sometime in the spring,” Airport director Rebecca Hupp told TV5 on Tuesday.While they’re not giving away details just yet, Hupp says BIA is putting together something the troops will be able to enjoy, since that’s the goal of the greeters.The troop greeter appreciation event will run from 4:30 to 6 pm Wednesday night, on the second floor of the Bangor airport. Everyone is invited.