Brownfield Committee Meets In Ellsworth 

A federally funded project is helping potential property owners in Hancock County identify any environmental risks before they invest. The Brownfield Project identifies potential sites for cleanup and reuse. The Steering Committee met Wednesday to identify there latest sites. Tom Martin is the Executive Director of the Hancock County Planning Commission and he says he’s pleased with the progress thus far. “Well I think we’ve developed a list of very promising sites,” says Martin, “and I’m very pleased with what we’ve done. I think one of the most important things is that sites have a viable reuse and I think we’ve identified several sites that did.” Some of the sites under consideration are in Gouldsboro, Franklin, and Winter Harbor.The latest site in Hancock County that has passed the test is Gordon’s Wharf in Sullivan, thanks to the Brownfield Project. Glen Daukas is from Cambell Environmental Group and is working very closely with the Brownfield Project. He says things went very smoothly at Gordon’s Wharf. “We determined that there really were not any recognized environmental conditions,” says Daukas, “we really didn’t need to continue any further investigation.”There are a number of factors the committee looks for when they investigate a potential Brownfield site. “We look at the history of the site,” says Daukas, “we look to see if there are any recognized environmental conditions, was there an underground storage tank, if so let’s make sure it wasn’t leaking.”The long term goal is to get these properties in Hancock County back in use, which will help to bolster the local economy. That has people around here interested. “I think awareness is increasing,” says Martin, “I think the Gordon’s Wharf property has really spurned interest and I think you could see by the discussion here today that there is an increased interest. It’s taken awhile for the project to move because it’s a new phenomenon, but it’s gradually taking off.”