A Business in Searsport is Getting Their Time to Shine In New York City 

A business in Searsport has been given the opportunity of a lifetime.The owners are headed to New York City for their time to shine.Meghan Hayward explains.It’s lights, camera and action for a couple from Searsport.But it won’t be them on the screen, instead, it’s their designs.WIlliam and Pamela Hammond own Sunscapes Sculpted Canopies.They were asked to design canopies for the Metropolitan Showtime House and Dexter terrace in New York City.This is the second season for the show, where top designers transform indoor and outdoor spaces into stunning masterpieces of design.”At first I was quite excited. I didn’t know if it was true. It’s one of those things where you get an opportunity like this and you’re not sure what to do.”Once the initial shock wore off, they decided they couldn’t pass up a chance like this.So they headed to New York City and met with designer Marie Aiello.”We than put it into our computers and actually created 3-D models and renderings and we presented them to her and she loved them and then we went into production.”But they didn’t have a lot of time to put the canopies together, only a week.”Production was about three days so we were moving quite quickly and we pre set-up to help us when we did the set-up down there.”The Sunscape company is not being paid for the designs.But William says the exposure will be their payback.”This is a huge leap forward because it’s publicized.”Now it’s off to the big premiere party Thursday in New York.”I hope we have a lot of people ask a lot of questions about the canopies.”If you are interested in purchasing a Sunscape or would like more information you can go to their website