Nearly 50 People Cited For Alcohol Violations In Orono 

Orono, Old Town, and University of Maine police were kept on their toes this Labor Day weekend as nearly 50 people were cited for alcohol realted violations. “42 summons, there was one arrest for OUI, for operating under the influence this past weekend,” says Noel March, Chief of Police at the Universtiy of Maine.Chief March says many of those cited were not even students at UMaine. “We find that it’s not the University of Maine students that concerns us with their behavior as a priority,” says Chief March, “it’s those that may visit here on an occasion or trespass here looking for parties, looking for an opportunity.”Students here say this type of behavior is far from the norm. Rylee Rawcliffe is in her second year here in Orono. “I don’t think that’s a typical thing that happens here,” she says, “I think probably the combination of having a long weekend, the first weekend back at school, people are just really excited to get back together, went a little overboard and made some bad decisions.”A number of those getting in trouble were underage. They were cited for possesion by consumption, which allows officers to cite minors for being drunk even if they’re not in possesion of alcohol. Captain Joshua Ewing of the Orono Police Department says the law comes in handy. “For several years, we’ve been enforcing that law,” says Captain Ewing, “it’s a great tool for us for when we don’t have someone in possession, but you can see and smell and hear that they’re intoxicated.” Officials at UMaine want to remind students to use good judgement, and some plain common sense.”What we also want to recognize is that about 1700 students die every year, so when we recognize that alcohol, the excessive and irresponsible consumption of alcohol, is the fuel in the tank of many incidents.”