Mainers Remember September Eleventh 

In just three days it will be the 8th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on New York City and Washington DC.A Bar Harbor man is doing his part to help make September 11th a day of remembrance.For John Nicolai, a tour boat captain in Bar Harbor, it’s a day he will not soon forget. “It was shocking…of course it hit home.”It was then Nicolai realized he wanted to do something to help the first responders. “We think it’s important to remember 9/11 and our fallen heroes, firefighters, local police department, and of course the healthcare providers who help heal the wounded and comfort the dying.”All the money his tour boat takes in on 9/11 will be donated to local first responders. Half goes to the Bar Harbor Fire Department. The other half will benefit the Gouldsboro fire department. “It’s equally as important to help our first responders here locally acquire the tools they need to help our families, our loved ones, when tragedy strikes, whether it’s a car accident, a fire, a hurricane, or a cowardly terrorist attack.” They raised nearly $3,000 last year…every penny went to help local first responders. “It’s a question of debt to them, to be able to get them home safely because a lot of the times they work under harsh conditions, all hours of the night, all kinds of weather conditions, freezing cold blizzards, I mean we should be able to help them a little bit too.” Local fire departments are always grateful for the effort. “To them it’s buying an extra piece of equipment, it’s buying maybe good communication equipment, that was a big issue on 9/11: people couldn’t communicate properly, so to them it adds that extra few dollars there able to get those pieces of equipment that may not be in the budget.”