Gubernatorial Candidates Turn Out in Winthrop 

It was a perfect forecast for a barbeque on this labor day.Many folks were celebrating the unofficial end to summer with a day off from work.But not everyone was on vacation: Democratic candidates for Governor made an appearance in Winthrop, hoping to sway a vote or two their way.The sounds and smells of a summer: time off for many but for others it’s a time to talk.Dawn Hill, Libby Mitchell, Steve Rowe, and Rosa Scarcelli have one thing in common: they want your vote in 2010. “Especially this year with all the gubernatorial candidates…hopefully it’ll give voters a chance to get the skinny on what their platforms are.”The Kennebec County Democratic Committee and Wintrop Democrats invited all Democratic gubernatorial candidates.Two stopped by while TV5 was there.Speeches were given: “There are some real challenges ahead of us.” Mitchell: “This is truly a grassroots state.”Questions were asked: “What do you find are the most popular issues? Is healthcare still?” “I think healthcare is right at the top.” “How many of your constituents have an extra 5-6 thousand lying around each month?” “Zero. Right.”With healthcare issues on the minds of many, The one question that will remain unanswered for now though, is who will get the most votes in a race for governor that is just getting started?There are plenty of Republicans running in the race too, including Matt Jacobson, Peter Mills, Less Otten, and Bruce Poliquin.