Father-Son Eye Surgeons Treat Patients Across the State 

Dr. Craig Young has been caring for patients throughout the state for more than 30 years, through his practice, Vision Care of Maine.Six weeks ago he brought a new eye surgeon on board, whom he calls the best young surgeon he’s ever worked with.”His hands. Excellent hands.”Dr. Craig Young also says their working relationship is great– since Dr. Curt Young is his son.”I had hoped it’d happen. But boys will be boys and kids will be kids, and you never know exactly where they’re going to end up. But I’m so pleased he’s come back home,” says the senior Dr. Young.Curt has returned to Maine after surgical and fellowship training at Tulane University. He says the fast pace of surgery and new technology in his father’s private practice drew him in.”I would see my dad with patients that couldn’t read the big “E” on the wall. And the next day, their cataract was out and they could read 20/20. That immediate gratification is extremely rewarding as a surgeon,” Curt says.While both doctors do all kinds of eye surgery procedures, the senior Dr. Young specializes in the front of the eye. His son’s specialty is the back of the eye.”It increases what we can do for patient care. You know, a lot of our retina patient care had to go down to Portland or Boston. Now, we can do it all here,” Curt says.Both spend the week traveling to their vision care facilities throughout Central and Northern Maine. And both say they want to keep growing the practice. “My hope for the future is to continue on what my dad started building,” Curt says. “Expand, and bring more convenient patient care to more patients across the state.”