Floral Arrangements in Hudson Taste as Good as They Look 

Flowers are a great way to say so many things, like “I love you”, “I’m sorry” or “Congratulations”.Now a woman and her mom in Hudson are adding a twist to traditional floral messages – by creating bouquets sweet enough to eat.April Brayley is used to handling a lot of food in the deli at Rogers Market in Hudson. But these days she focuses more on fruit. “We actually wanted to order a fruit bouquet for a friend and we found that you couldn’t get them in this area. So we actually made one ourselves.”The creation, designed with the help of Brayley’s mom, Barbara, instantly got a lot of attention.”Sometimes we fray the edges to make it look a little more natural, like a flower.”Orders for their floral fruit bouquets quickly blossomed. “The response has been overwhelming. We thought this might be a fun thing to do on the side and it’s turned into its own business really.”And a pretty creative one at that. Take the bouquet made for Braylee’s nephew’s birthday – which went faster than the cake.”She put gummy worms in through the pineapples and stuff so the boys thought it was great. There was worms in the fruit. So you can change it up and make fun and unique things with it.””This is the fun, easy part. And the best part is if your break them or break the chocolate, you get to set it aside and eat it later!”Braylee and her mom are now playing around seasonal arrangements, which they say will also taste as good as they look. “People get flowers all of the time. This is new, it’s healthy. We use really fresh ripe fruit so it’s perfect to eat when you get it.”You can find out more about the fruit bouquets at