Camden Windjammer Festival Starts Friday 

Every Labor Day weekend, it’s like a right of passage for folks here in Camden. The Windjammer Festival gives everyone the opportunity to see, up close and personal, these historic schooners and windjammers that decorate this coastal town. Stephen Pixley is the Harbor Master in Camden and he still never gets tired of the view. “This will be the 15th year and every time we come and wrap them up and they’re all wrapped up, and the moon is shining, it does something to me,” says Pixley, “you would think the novelty would have worn off for me because I’m the one that’s putting it on, but it’s amazing how it makes you feel to see all those antique boats, traditional gaffe rig sails all crowded in, it’s spectacular.”Vistors from all over will be able to go on board and experience a little bit of history. Woody Emanuel has lived here since the 70’s and he’s helping to organize the event this year. “This gives everyone this weekend an opportunity to go on board all of the schooners and windjammers and learn about how they work,” says Emanuel, “who the people are, the crew, and what they have to do and see a little bit of this wonderful maine heritage that we have.” Pixley is a former schooner boat Captain and knows all about these vessels. “They each have their own personality,” he says, “every one of them. You see them lumbering around the bay and coming in the harbor and the history behind them and you think about all the stuff they’ve seen.”While the boats are the main attraction, the event provides plenty for families to do. “It’s a great thing to come with the family,” says Pixley, “it’s a low keyed event, there’s no cotton candy or stuff like that. It’s nautical crafts and watching people do the old work that’s being replaced by computers, that kind of stuff, just good downeast wholesome fun.” Les Bex has been sailing out of Camden for the past 45 years. He’s been a part of this festival since it began 15 years ago. “Well I think everybody enjoys it,” he says, “and I think that’s what it’s all about, getting people to enjoy an end of summer festival.”For a complete list of the weekends events visit their website at: