Donation Given to Popular Tourist Stop In Orrington 

The budget of a popular tourist stop in Orrington is a bit bigger now, thanks to a donation from some summer visitors.As Meghan Hayward tells us, the guests were impressed with the history behind the Curran Homestead.” Well we’re excited about this. This is a small and struggling non-profit here in the region.”Irv Marsters treasurer of the Curran Homestead says the $2,000 being donated by the Maine Tourism Association will help the future of the homestead.He says the family farm is disappearing and with each lost farm, Maine loses another symbol of it’s unique culture.” It’s an opportunity to reconnect with generations and with school children that need to learn some of those characteristics.”The donation was made possible through a tour called “Barnstorming Maine,” which brings classic car enthusiasts from across the country to explore Maine.The event was started so the Maine Tourism Association could make a donation to a Maine cause.Chief Executive Officer of the association Vaughn Stinson says this year’s stop at the Curran Homestead made quite an impression on the classic car crews.” True to it’s nature as to what they would expect. They saw what a working farm and homestead would be like. The thing that impressed them the most was what we hear from all of our visitors. It really comes down to the people they meet when they’re in Maine visiting.”The folks at the Curran Homestead are a great example.” It’s exciting to be around them because there’s an energy level that spins off that it’s so easy to gravitate yourself toward them.”Right now the homestead has four major events a year and sees about 1,500 people come through.But Marsters envisions an even busier future.” We now have a director of education who has all kinds of new plans. And I think we’ll probably triple that next year in terms of school children.”