Blue Hill Mother Heading To Space Camp 

A Blue Hill mother is about to fulfill her lifelong dream of finding out what it takes to be an astronaut.27-year-old Cassy Osgood is heading to the Adult Space Academy in Huntsville Alabama. She says she’s always wanted to be an astronaut ever since she was a child, now that dream is about to become reality.Osgood leaves for space camp in about 2 weeks. She says she’s been waiting for this moment her whole life “In our busy lives we have challenges everyday,” she says, “things that are thrown at us a lot of times we get so wrapped up in our life that we don’t make time to do the things we’ve always wanted to do and I’ve never lost sight of that.” Osgood works in human resources at Blue Hill Memorial Hospital. Her husband Justin and 6-year-old daughter Kylie are behind her all the way.