Orono PD Goes Green 

The Orono Police Department is saving some green, by going green.The town has recently added a hybrid to its fleet of cars.The vehicle is a 2010 Ford Fusion.The police department says the cost ended up being about the same as purchasing another Crown Victoria, when you factor in all the bells and whistles that come along with the regular cop cars.This hybrid is being used in the detective division, as well as for alcohol detail and other special patrols. So it only needed to be equipped with low profile lights and a radio. “The chief has been thinking for a few years that we needed to get something a little more fuel efficient,” Said Orono Police Captain Josh Ewing. “There’s no need for our detective to be driving one of the regular Crown Vics for the type of work he does. So, we went looking this year, and we located this car down in Augusta.”Captain Ewing says the hybrid actually tracks miles per gallon.Currently its averaging about 38 miles to the gallon.Compare that to 11 or 12 per gallon for the Crown Victorias, and the police department is already seeing a significant savings at the gas pump. The Orono Police Department is one of only a few law enforcement agencies in Maine using “green machines.” The Indian Island police department recently switched its entire fleet of patrol cars to hybrids too. And the University of Maine at Orono has six hybrid vehicles that they use for patrols as well as motor pools and parking enforcement.