Life Guard Goes to Worlds 

Camp Capella lifeguard Janet Klisiewicz is off this week to Australia… she’s earned a spot in the aquathlon world championships… the sport combines running and swimming…..Yeah, this is a cool thing, UPS brought the suit and I was dancing around I have video took a lap around the house not giving that to you. So yeah, its very cool to go do this.Finishing 4th is her age group in the US national championships last month earned a spot on the team and the USA swim suit.Klisiewicz grew up in Orrington and graduated from Bangor high. She didn’t swim in school, but picked it up as an adult. The competition part though is inate.I have a competitive edge taking a class want the highest score always been somewhat competitive. This is a natural progression of that. The event features a 2.5 K run, a one K swim followed by another 2.5 K run. The world championships also have two triathlon events and feature athletes from 50 countries. But this aquathlon without the bike ride seem better suited to Klish-ev-itz.For me aquathlon is an improvement swimming and running are my better sports at 5′ 10″ I’m heavy for a cyclist. Power to weight ratio is everything in cycling. I gotta tell you there will be a lot of kids and staff rooting her on we’re proud of her to see her compete in a world championship its terrific.