A Great Dane Legacy in Glenburn 

Two weeks ago, a Glenburn woman’s dog gave birth to eleven healthy, happy puppies. But a few hours later the dog passed away, leaving the pets’ owner as their new mother.”We have Hercules, Marlin, Ellie, Layla, Belle, Oscar, Zeus, Triton, Wally, Gloria and Eva.”Crista Jakacky has been caring for these 11 little Great Danes since they were born, with non-stop cleaning and around-the-clock feedings.”Once we finished a feeding, we began a feeding, because it would take so long to get through all 11,” she says.Their mom, Liberty, had even more puppies on the way when a complication arose. During an emergency C-section at the vet, they got bad news.”I received a phone call from the vet stating that her heart had stopped under anesthesia.”But Liberty left behind her legacy.”She did – 11!” she says.Now, Jakacky is on-call 24 hours a day, for everything mom would have done.”She wasn’t getting much rest but she’s been right there doing an excellent job,” says Jakacky’s grandmother, Georgia Smart.”These are now her babies,” says friend, Becki St. Louis. “She’s sacrificed a lot for these babies.”Jakacky credits her family and friends for helping her keep up, and says she hopes these pups turn out just like their mom, Liberty.”She was just a great dog, very smart, very loving and very loyal,” she says.”And I just hope whoever these puppies go to, who they decide to pick as their owners, can give them as much love as Crista has and her family has,” St. Louis says.”Now that they’re up and their eyes are open, they’re really starting to develop little personalities.”The puppies are AKC registered and will come at a cost, but the family is now looking for buyers. Jakacky says, though, they will definitely keep one of Liberty’s pups as their own.”Just one, though!”For more information on the puppies, you can visit Fitz Lane Danes online.