A Pink Path to the Cure 

Golfers in Lincoln will be swinging clubs for a cure this September. The folks at Jato Highlands say it’s all thanks to a fluke in course design.”This all sprang from just looking at the course.” Says April Burnell, Event Ambassador. “It wasn’t thought out, it wasn’t schemed, it’s just something we drew out and got done and looked at it and said hey, it looks like a breast cancer ribbon.” adds Eric Bubay, General Manager of Jato Highlands.”With the contributions from Sherwin Williams and the town of Lincoln and just a ton of volunteers we’ve actually painted the path pink.” says Burnell.The cart path is 200 feet long and Rally for the Cure says it’s the only one of it’s kind.”One of the things you can see right beside our ribbon is our sand trap, and it’s shaped just like a heart. A ribbon and a heart side by side, what more could you want?” adds Heidi Stevens, Event Co- Ambassador.The pink path led to an idea — a golf tournament to raise awareness and benefit breast cancer research.”This one’s a little more special obviously. It’s getting the local people more involved where a lot of them can look at breast cancer and actually think of somebody, a family member that it may help.” says Dubay.Burnell adds, “I lost my own mother to breast cancer. Everyone who does something is gonna make a difference.” Burnell says folks at Jato Highlands hope the tournament grows.”We’re hoping to do well this year and do even better next year and the year after and the year after that. Every year we do raise money is one more life we can save.”The tournament will be held September 12. For more information you can visit their website,