Nice Weather Returns For Final Day Of Folk Festival 

Thousands of music lovers packed the Bangor waterfront Sunday for the third and final day of the 2009 American Folk Festival. “Well midday Sunday we’re certainly looking forward to a great day today,” says heather Mccarthy Director of the Folk Festival, “the sun has come out, the crowds have come out, the performers are all here and the schedule is running you know we’re off to an amazing festival day.”While Saturday’s heavy rain did keep some people away, the folks who did show up managed to have a good time. “We had a lot of people here regardless,” says Mccarthy, “our tented venues were very full, our food vendors and craft vendors were happy with the business considering that it was rainy.” The folks in attendance had a good time despite the rain. “The rain didn’t manage to hold us back yesterday,” says Diane Jackman of Old Toen, Florida, “we had just as much fun so if next year it’s raining everybody should come down for it.” The rain on saturday did affect donations. “Our bucket brigade revenue was way reduced,” says Mccarthy, “we’re hoping we’re going to be able to make that up today because we really do need those funds to help the folk festival continue to be free of charge.”For Folk Festival die-hards, the weather didn’t seem to make a bit of difference. “I just think it’s the most amazing thing that this city could put on,” says Donald Skolfield from DeLeon Springs, Florida, “to bring in such diverse entertainment it’s absolutely amazing, it’s wonderful and to be free!!” “Music just has such a great energy,” Diane Jackman says, “and everyone is here to have a good time sharing great experiences and the artists obviously love to be here as well they put on some pretty phenomenal shows.” Mccarthy says this year has been a success. “It’s been an amazing year for the Folk Festival we had a lot of challenges this year including the weather, we really appreciate everyone who has come out to join us and especially those who were able to volunteer and support us and we hope to be able to do it again next year.”