Folks Still Turn-out for Folk Festival Despite Gloomy Weather 

The remnants of Hurricane Danny weren’t enough to keep music lovers away from the Bangor waterfront.The crowds continue to pour in to this year’s American Folk Festival.And at least one vendor says the rain is actually helping his sales.Meghan Hayward has the story.Believe it or not, the rainy weather wasn’t getting folk fest staffers down.” Well we design the festival assuming it’s raining and kind of have a sun alternative.”But the weather did force them to make some changes.” So the main changes we made are the scheduling of the acts so that where we decided to condense the schedule and not have the stages where the audiences wouldn’t be undecover we just moved the acts around so that we can go today with the stages that are undercover and tomorrow go back to the regular schedule.”Technical Director Dwain Winters says while there were less people due to the rain. The turnout was still decent.”But if you go to the venues that are open there full so clearly we’ve got a good piece of the audience of Maine back at the festival today.”One of the popular spots.Orrs Island Chowder House.They’re happy with the business they have been getting.’ Well as you can see we’ve got a line. And this is absolutely chowder weather. So I am very happy. This beats 90 degree weather and humid as far as I’m concerned.”Mary Glickman of Orono was one of those customers who waited in line for chowder.” Definitely the longest line we were surprised, how long does it take to scoop soup. We waited, I’m waiting to have my first bite my husband is over their scarfing it down.”Glickman just moved from Pennsylvania so this was her first time at the festival.And like many others, she decided to forget about the rain.” I mean it’s pretty cold but everyone seems to be upbeat. We’re having a great time and eating a lot of food.”