Hermon Woman Escapes Thanks to Detectors 

A fire in Hermon could have been disastrous, but thanks to quick action everyone made it out okay.Crews were called to the home on Swan Road just after 2 o’clock Thursday morning.Jennifer Stalter, the home owner, had put a load of laundry in the dryer just before heading to bed. The electric dryer caused the clothes to catch fire.Luckily the home’s smoke detectors went off, and Stalter was able to get out of the home with her young daughter and two pets.Fire officials say running large appliances, like dryers, when you’re not home or awake can be dangerous. “No matter if you do the maintenance like you should they certainly can cause a fire. They’re a high heat source and so I’d advice people never to run anything if they’re not home.” “I can tell you I will never put another load of laundry in and go to bed,” Stalter Said on Thursday. “I will never do a load of laundry and leave my house. I probably wouldn’t have a house today if I had been at work or wherever.”Fire officials say working smoke detectors and a quick response time by crews helped to limit the damage done by the fire.The dryer and clothes were destroyed. But the rest of the home was left virtually untouched by the fire.