Glenburn Man Goes to Prison for Pellet Stove Thefts 

A man from Glenburn pleaded no contest today to stealing pellet stoves from a company in Bangor where he worked, then selling them at discount prices. 34-year-old Benjamin Tibbetts was sentenced to three years for the crime. He’ll serve that at the same time as another three year sentence he received earlier this week for a probation violation.Tuesday a judge found there was enough evidence to conclude that Tibbetts was guilty a series of thefts in 2008, which violated his probation. Those crimes included stealing pellet stoves from Sunrise Home and Hearth, which is now out of business. Until today, Tibbetts had not entered a plea in that case. His lawyer, Jeffery Silverstein, says Tibbetts was also ordered to pay 5-thousand dollars restitution.