Dangerous Donuts at Folk Festival 

Food is always a popular part of the American Folk Festival, mostly because there’s plenty to choose from.Including donuts.But as Joy Hollowell found out, there’s one booth that takes the deep fried dough one step further, into the danger zone.+++++++++++”drilling”They only come out once a year.”ok other side”And you can only find them at one place.”drops tool on table”They are donuts. Ah, but these aren’t just any tasty treat.”They’re dangerous.”Meet Tom Sadowski, inventor of the dangerous donut. He’s also the owner of the Camden Doughnut Company. They’re actually based out of Lincolnville Center, but Tom tells me he wanted to honor a lesser known claim to fame for Camden.”The donut was invented in Camden. The hole in the donut back in the 1800’s,” says Tom Sadowski.The Camden Doughnut Company started in 2003.”Some people, you know, they have a uh, like a boat or a summer cottage. We have a donut booth that we go to for the weekend,” says Tom, laughing.The idea came after Tom and his wife, otherwise known as the Donut Queen, saw a need to bring dangerous donuts to the folk festival. “I’ve always wanted a donut machine and when you’re at a festival, you have to offer something that people don’t normally make a home. You know, you could offer a say peanut butter sandwiches, but hot donuts, probably a better choice,” says Tom.Tom says he churns out about 30-thousand mini donuts over the three day weekend.”We have a robot that kicks out 50 dozen donuts an hour. And we still can’t keep up at the folk festival. We crank, and crank and crank and people are lined up for 20 feet in front of the booth, yelling at us that they want us to take their money and give them donuts,” says Tom.”now is their like a secret recipe?Yes, next question.””do you notice that you get more kids, I mean, is it all mixed as far as who wants the donuts?Mostly people want the donuts. We’ve had a few animals but we try to discourage that.”No doubt, you may be wondering what makes these donuts so hazardous. I decided to ask.”how come they’re dangerous donuts?Hey guy, what are they dangerous?Ask your doctor (laughs).”===========You can find dangerous donuts in the dance tent food court again this year. It’s located between the craft marketplace and the area leading down to the dance tent.For more information on the folk festival, log onto