Class of 2013 Move into Dorms at the University of Maine 

Classes at the University of Maine start Monday.First-year students started arriving today.Meghan Hayward met up with a new student as she moved into her new home.The University of Maine campus was flooded with UMaine students, faculty and staff friday, who helped welcome the class of 2013.”The number is 1,803 students, a little bit lower than it was the past few years, but we’re very pleased with it and I think it says a lot about young people, students choosing the University of Maine.”Kennedy says poor economic conditions have affected first year enrollment, but overall enrollment is up one percent, partly due to an improved retention rate.Kennedy credits that to their first-year experience program, which places all first-year students together in dorms.A lot of volunteers help make their move into the dorms a little easier.”They’ve got a cue for the parents and students coming in. The flow has been extraordinary good, virtually no waiting times.”Tracey Martin is moving in her daughter, Krystal.She couldn’t believe how easy it was.”From the moment we pulled into the line they offered us drinks, they offered us food. They processed us and we pulled in and they unloaded pretty quick.”Krystal is the first child Tracey has sent to college. She’s feeling all kinds of emotions.”Nervous, excited for her. I’m going to miss her. That’s going to be the hardest not having her home every night and not knowing where she is.”Krystal says she’s ready for college.”I’m looking forward to not having my parents around all the time. I’m looking forward to meeting new people so I’m excited.”Krystal will be majoring in accounting with a concentration in international business.She hopes to be an accountant for an international firm in Spain some day.There is one thing her mother wants her to remember.”I’m proud of her.”