Sherman Man Sentenced to 12 Years in Prison 

A convicted sex offender from Sherman is going to prison for twelve years.Forty-two-year-old Kirk Gould was sentenced in Houlton Superior Court Wednesday.He was convicted of sexually assaulting a relative from the time she was 11 until after she turned 16.The state described Gould as an unapologetic sexual predator who robbed a young girl of her childhood.” She was stuck, she was alone and she didn’t fell she had anyone to turn to. He was keeping her at the house, he wouldn’t let her see friends, wouldn’t let her ride her bike to friend’s houses, wouldn’t let her use the internet, anything. He essentially had her captive and abused her. This is a situation where he took the bed frame off the bed so no one would hear him abuse her, he went to his doctor and got prescribed testosterone for more energy, he got prescribed cialis so he could essentially make himself a medically enhanced sex offender.”Gordon says too often, victims do not come forward because they’re afraid no one will believe them.He hopes this sentence will send a message to victims that if they do come forward, their voices will be heard.