Human Chain of Volunteers Move Books in Orono 

The new Orono Public Library is scheduled to open Tuesday, September 8th. But right now, a lot of the books remain in the old library.How those books all get from one spot to the other is with lots of help.”Ok. Ready?””Let’s get it started!”Work is underway in Orono, packing books up for a ride to the new library on Pine Street.”We were doing a little calculation earlier, like, is this going to take us 12 hours?” says volunteer Margaret Clancey.There’s no elevator here, so the books are passed down the stairs through a human chain to keep them in order.”It’s kind of fun,” says 9-year-old volunteer Elsa Jolliffe.”It’s kind of amusing because you’re just taking them very fast,” says 12-year-old volunteer Molly McAleer.More than 30 volunteers are pitching in, many of them, trained professionals.”I have to move wood during the winter and I usually have a train with my brother,” says McAleer.On Wednesday, these book carts will be shrink wrapped and moved across town, where the shelves are ready and waiting.”Then it feels like, when the library opens up, it will be my library. I’ll be more a part of that library than I would have been otherwise,” Clancey says.Heavy books, light books, people like Elsa Jolliffe love all kinds. Her mom works here.”I’m glad that she does, because I get to spend a lot of time here and it’s really fun,” she says.”Seeing the young kids here, too, I think any time the community can come together for something, I think it makes everybody feel good,” Clancey says.They’re still looking for volunteers over the next couple of days, even though these hands will have moved a lot of books already.”A thousand maybe,” says McAleer.”Probably a thousand already!” says Clancey.That means there’s only 36 thousand more books to pack, a process that will be repeated – in reverse – at the new location.”Ok, here we go,” says one volunteer, heading back up the stairs.A grand opening celebration will be held at the new library on Saturday, September 12th.