Folks Gear Up For The American Folk Festival 

If you’ve driven by the Bangor waterfront this week, you’ve probably noticed all the tents.They’re being set up for this weekend’s American Folk Festival.Meghan Hayward has more on what it takes to pull off the Folk Fest.It’s that time of year again when folks flood the Bangor waterfront for the American Folk Festival.The festival crew has been hard at work making sure it goes off without any glitches.”The operation crew came last Thursday started unloading trucks that we had brought and then the tent crew came in on Monday and actually started assembling the tents.”The planning for this year’s festival started shortly after last year’s ended.Operations Manager Betty Derbyshire says it get a little easier every year.”Because the locals are on top of what they need to be on top of.”Derbyshire says they’re right on schedule and will be ready to go, hoping for good weather.”There are some plans for emergency back up. It’s just it’s hard with an outdoor festival to completely cover every contingency so it becomes a question of degree.”Safety is also a big concern. Bangor Police will be out in full force.”The Police Department will be staffing probably about an extra 350 hours of overtime through the weekend.”So what safety issues do they look out for?”The biggest safety concerns we have are people, pedestrians paying attention to traffic. Crossing legally on crosswalks and abiding traffic signals and things of that nature.”Derbyshire says they expect another big turn-out and she encourages folks who have never been to the festival to check it out.”So if they are coming because they like a particular kind of music they’ll probably find it. But the fun of it is finding music you never experienced before.”