Bangor Savings Bank Phone Scam 

Bangor Savings Bank is reminding customers not to give out their account or pin numbers to anyone over the phone.Senior Vice President Yellow Light Breen says they got over 200 calls Wednesday from folks who had received an automated voicemail threatening to block their debit cards if they did not call back and leave their account information and pin numbers.Breen says by the end of the day, they had talked with about twenty customers who had given their information and needed to change their account numbers.But Breen says the latest scam is limited.It appears they’re only calling cell phone numbers that start with 299.Breen says it’s important for customers to stay on guard.” The number one and best and only line of defense is our customers out there to just be on alert and to know as I think most have learned by now your real bank will never ever ask you to give up confidential information like accounts and passwords in an email or voice mail. We just never will, period end of story.”Breen wants folks to know their information has not been hacked and these people are just randomly calling the 299 numbers, hoping to stumble across Bangor Savings Bank customers.