A Mix Of New Music And Classics At Folk Festival 

The Folk Festival in Bangor means different to different people, but the one constant? The music. Heather McCarthy, Director of The Folk Festival, says this year is no different. “We have an entirely new lineup for the folk festival this year,” she says, “23 different performing groups representing a huge diversity of different traditions.”McCrary and her staff have been hard at work looking for acts to electrify the waterfront this year. “When we start programming for each years festival the first thing we look at are some of the must have genres. We have to do Irish, something from across the border. This year we’re doing some Acedin music, we’ve also got the Coalminers, they’re an acapella group, they’re just wonderful people are going to love them.”But what makes this festival an overwhelming success is the originality. It offers festival goers a chance to hear music they may have never experienced. “So we start with some of the must haves and then we add some of those things that are new and fun that we don’t get to do every year, people really enjoy discovering them.”While the music at the Folk Festival pleases fans of all ages, what puts a smile on the organizers faces, is watching a child experience music and embrace different cultures for the first time. “You know one of my favorite parts of the festival is looking at the real young festival goers, 2 and 3, because these kids will dace to anything…when you’re that age you can just celebrate whatever it is that’s playing, I think that’s a great start.”