Students and Staff Immortalized at the Clinton Elementary School 

Clinton Elementary School has a new, and very personal, art display in the foyer of their school.Students and staff drew their self portraits. The pictures were then transferred onto tiles. The tiles were made into a display that was unveiled Tuesday evening.Students in kindergarten through sixth grade participated, and there are more than 350 tiles.Parents say they are excited about the display and think it’s great for the community. “What I’m looking forward to is bringing my children back 10, 20, 30, years from now and having them say hey, that’s me in that goofy little drawing stuck on a wall. So I think it’s a great sense of community. It’s obviously beautiful to have artwork out in our foyer, but to have it be done by the children is even better,” Said Clinton PTO member Kelly Roberts.The project started as a fundraiser that the PTO did with Square One Arts, a New York based company.Parents could get their kids art put on different things. The money raised from that funded the tile project.