Highway to Healthcare 

The AFSCME highway to healthcare tour made a stop in bangor this evening to educate folks on healthcare reform.The RV started in Montana and traveled across the country. Bangor is the last stop on the tour.Folks shared stories about experiences they’ve had with the current healthcare system.On the bus there are laptops and cell phones that folks could use to tell senators how they feel about healthcare reform.Organizers say it’s important to educate the public because of all of the misinformation that is circulating about healthcare reform.”Its’ basically a monopoly in our healthcare where one or two companies control 80 to 90 percent of the market and can charge whatever they want and provide as little as they want. That’s part of what the public option is all about. Creating some real competition in the market place to keep these insurance industries honest and make sure they are providing a service that is accountable to the patients and not just the stockholders.” Says organizer Maryanne von Nordeck.Organizers say they’ve had overwhelming support for their cause throughout the tour.They say much of the controversy surrounding healthcare reform stems from misinformation. For more on this you can visit their website,