Governor Reacts to Senator Kennedy’s Death 

Governor Baldacci and his family are mourning the loss of Senator Ted Kennedy.The governor says Kennedy was an inspirational man with tremendous people skills, who spoke for those who suffered and struggled.Baldacci also remembers the senator as a friend. The governor says his family worked with the Kennedys over the years on a variety of political campaigns. Baldacci served in Congress with Senator Kennedy’s son, Patrick, too.The governor says he has a lot of fond memories of Ted Kennedy – some serious, some not so serious. “I remember him coming through the restaurant in Bangor and he came in through the kitchen and he had to stop when he went by the tray of breadsticks and had to grab a couple on his way out. He had a ferocious appetite but he also had a ferocious appetite for public service and he was larger than life.”The governor says Kennedy will be remembered for landmark legislation on such issues as education and health insurance for children – and for reaching across the political aisle to find common ground on those issues.