Dixmont Apple Orchard Gets Set For Opening Day 

At Maine-ly Apples in Dixmont they’re getting set for their busiest time of year and co-owner John Olsen says it’s better late then never. “I think the season is a little bit later than it has been in years past because we had some rainy june and july as everyone knows,” says Olsen.He’s thankful that the rain hasn’t stopped them, just delayed things a bit. “Well I think if anything it just slowed down the crop,” he said, “they weren’t growing as fast or as well as they should have because of the rain, some varieties got hurt worse than others, you know some were affected, we did have some frost early in the spring that kind of hurt some of the trees but you know they recuperate.”Recuperate they have and olsen tells me they have a wide variety of apples for people to choose from this year. “We have 1600 trees and we have 36 varieties now and we’ve got everything from Mac’s and Cortlands, we planted some English cider apples that were around during the revolutionary period and we’re gonna try to do some classic revolutionary period cider.”Olsen and his wife started making their own cider about 9 years ago. “We could see what was coming,” says Olsen, “so in the year 2000 we built that green building right there, that’s our cider building with an apple washer and a brand new, at that time, stainless steel cider press and I went down to Yarmouth and got a bunch of jugs and we’re all set to go.”Opening day kicks off on friday but to the folks here it seems like it’s already here. “Oh it’s getting busy,” Olsen says with a laugh, “we’ve got people calling up when are your Mac’s gonna be ready, when are your Cortlands gonna be ready, I had a guy stop from Massachusetts that said he’s coming back in October and ordered apples.”If youn want to see what varieties of apples are ripe there is a running list on their website.