Back to School Shopping Concerns 

Going back to school can be exciting for kids, but it also can drain the pocketbooks of parents.According to the National Retail Federation, folks will fork over more than 17 billion dollars on back to school costs.That’s actually a decline of nearly 8% from last year.The rules of back to school shopping have changed: buy only what you need, and check for sales before hitting the stores.It’s the mantra these moms are sticking with this summer.”We look for deals.” “Trying to get the best deals.” Even with the sales sending a K thru 12 student back to school can cost hundreds of dollars. One national survey estimates that one can spend $205 on clothing and accessories, $168 on electronics, add in shoes at $94 and the rest of the school supplies at $83 bucks you have a grand total of $550.”How much do you spend on average?””About $250-$300 per kid.””I spend maybe $500.””Anywhere from $6 to 8-hundred per year but I have 4 so that’s pretty good, but I’m always catching the best deals.”According to the same survey, forty-four percent of americans will begin their shopping three weeks to one month before school starts, trying to take advantage of retailers’ early promotions and spend over time. “When did you start your back to school shopping? About 2 months ago.””We’ve been what 3 weeks now in and out of the stores.”The economy is having a major impact not only on shoppers —- all those red tag sales that may be helping consumers may likely hurt retailers…National retail federation president tracy mullin says, “The economy has clearly changed the spending habits of American families, which will likely create a difficult back-to-school season for retailers.””I didn’t start early but the stores had better sales this year.” So maybe it’s not just the early bird that gets the worm this year…just make sure that the kids aren’t late for class.