JSI In Milo Nets $750,000 Contract With Walmart 

Retail giant Walmart has struck a deal with JSI Store Fixtures in Milo that has the folks here, including Executive Vice President Mark Awalt, buzzing with excitement. “It’s work that we know what’s coming,” says Awalt, “we know the quantity to prepare for, we know which months we’re going to manufacture the stuff, you know there’s just a lot of benefits to winning a contract like this.”JSI is a custom manufacturer of store displays and they’ve done work on a smaller scale for Walmart in the past. It’s obvious Walmart liked what they saw. It’s not just Walmart, despite a tough economy, JSI has been busy adding other new and lucrative clients as well. “For me to say the recession hasn’t impacted us at all would be false,” says Awalt, “it has impacted us, but fortunately for JSI, yeah some of our existing customers have pulled their capital business expenditures back a little bit, but we’ve added 4 or 5 new customers this year.”When the company first moved to Milo in 2001, they employed 35 people. Thanks to these new contracts, in 2010 there will be nearly 140 people working at this facility. “We’ve increased our customer base every single year,” says Awalt, “so in the 19 years we’ve been in business, we’ve increased our sales 17 of 19 years.”The folks here are hoping this is just the beginning. “We’re hoping that $750,000 of revenue from Walmart this year or in 2010, may turn into $2 or $3 million a couple of years later.”That’s the kind of repeat business the people at JSI have grown accustomed to seeing. “We’ve been fortunate never to have lost a customer,” says Awalt, “so once we’re able to secure the business, once we’re able to deliver quality products by the time and date the customer requests, we pretty much keep the business.”