Folks Concerned with Road Conditions Along Route 2 in Hermon 

There are a lot of rough roads in the region.Sections of Route Two through Hermon is high on that list.And a lot of folks who use it are upset the state isn’t doing more to fix it.Meghan Hayward has the story.”It is a vital road to the economics of the Bangor Region and it we’re not careful, it’s going to continue to hurt our economy. We need to make investments in our infrastructure and Route 2 is a vital part of it.”It’s a road Hermon Town Manager Clint Deschene says has not had any major construction in over fifty years.Deschene says an improvement project due to begin in September was originally under-funded at one million dollars, and that has since been reduced to a quarter of a million.Deschene says the DOT just continues to fix small patches to the bangor town line.”We know the base is built out of a concrete road and that concrete road is destroyed and they’ve never rebuilt it correctly. They just started paving on top of it. It needs to be dug up and started over.”Deschene says this year, the town will see testing results from the state on use of the road by heavy trucks, but it won’t give an accurate illustration of the damage done.”We’ve had a lifetime of those heavy weighted trucks going from Newport to Bangor North destroying the road and making it not safe for people to drive on.”Deschene says he’s flooded with phone calls from angry residents who have to travel along the six mile stretch of road daily.”It’s Terrible, it’s been bad for a couple years now. There’s potholes everywhere.””Ruining my tires for one thing. That my car will come out of alignment.”The condition of the road has even forced some folks to take alternate routes.”And when I go to Bangor, which is often, I either go the Fuller Road or I go down 69 and take the interstate.””Every time I can I travel down the Fuller Road because it’s a lot smoother.”So what’s the town’s next move?”Meet as a council and send more letters to the Commission and State Representatives that the project needs funding now.”Our attempts to get a response from the Maine Department of Transportation on the situation in Hermon were unsuccessful.