Penobscot County Credit Union Hopes To Be Back Online Tuesday 

Last Wednesday the computer system at the Penobscot County Federal Credit Union went down, leaving members and staff unable to access any accounts. “I was trying to get the specifics on a loan and all they could give me was the routing number for the bank but they couldn’t give me the interest rate or my monthly payment,” says Neil Clark of Old Town, a member of the credit union.Steve Baillargeon the President and CEO of the credit union says it hasn’t been easy, but they have managed to stay open for business. “We’ve actually been open for business the entire time,” he says, “we’ve been allowing deposits and withdrawals to occur in a manual function not our typical computer function.” Members have still been able to withdraw some money. By bringing in a paystub they can withdraw money based on what the paystub shows. “But if someone has a direct deposit paycheck or something we’ve been providing them with their normal cash withdrawal if they want it that way,” says Baillargeon. The folks at the credit union also told me some of their members are so recognizable to the tellers, they’ve allowed them to withdraw money because they have a pretty good idea how much they have in their accounts.Members can still use their debit cards as well. If there’s a problem, the credit union can manually adjust the account balance to show a deposit that has not processed yet. Some members were concerned the checks they had written might bounce, but Baillargeon says that’s not the case. “The checks have not bounced,” he says, “because they have not been able to clear because of the hardware problem doesn’t allow them to clear so that is not correct.”The folks at the credit union expect to have the problem fixed by tuesday and all of the back transactions will be made. “We’re going to make all of the normal deposits and our normal daily processing will occur in sequential order,” says Baillargeon, “so whatever would have happened is still going to happen once the computer comes back online.” He also says most members have been understanding of the problem. “The members that we’ve actually been dealing with on a daily basis have actually felt kind of bad for us,: he says, “because they realize there are a bunch of us who have worked 75 hours in the 2 or 3 days so most people have been understanding.” You can count Neil Clark among those who are understanding. “I figured they would be more upset than I would,” says Clark, “you know if I needed money and they wouldn’t give it to me I’d be upset but it’s the other people that I’d be worried about.”