Living Room Roundtable On Healthcare Reform Held In Bangor 

A group supporting President Obama’s healthcare reform may be coming to a living room near you. A grassroots project called Organizing For America has been setting up roundtable discussion groups in private homes. Today they held a discussion in Bangor at the home of Molly Goode. Goode’s son, Adam, represents District 15 of Bangor in the House of Representatives.State Senator Joe Perry was a part of the panel along with residents who shared their stories regarding healthcare and also discussed, what they say, is an urgent need for healthcare reform. “It’s on the front burner,” says Senator Perry, “it’s a serious problem that we’re facing, you know, healthcare costs and I came here because I want to hear the stories and I know this is a federal issue but it certainly affects every Mainer.”Director of the project, Julian Federle, says they’re trying to get the facts about healthcare reform out there, as well as provide a civilized forum for debate. “The fact is I think Mainers are very interested in this debate,” says Federle, “they’re more interested in sitting down and having a discussion like this one then they are about screaming and shouting.”