Lincoln Officials to Review Surveillance Camera Plans 

For a couple of years, officials in the town of Lincoln have been working to get surveillance cameras up and running to keep an eye on things downtown. But the plan hit a few bumps along the way.Councilor Stephen Clay says petty crime was why officials wanted cameras on Main Street.”There was just a lot of vandalism. We wanted a way to be able to see the vandalism take place, know who did it. So that’s how it all started,” Clay says.But the wireless system they installed this winter hit a big snag – interference from other wireless devices.”Cell phones, CBs, whenever one of those is activated the signal cut out and has to be reset in the building. So if it’s 2 a.m., and someone uses a cell phone, it resets it and there wouldn’t be a recording. The feed would be cut off,” Clay says.That’s why last week cameras weren’t recording when police say a fight broke out in this parking lot. A man passing through town died from a heart attack shortly afterward. An investigation is ongoing.”That incident last week could have been caught on tape and there’d be no question what happened,” he says.While a nearby business did catch some of it on tape, Town Manager Lisa Goodwin says a few people have asked why town cameras aren’t yet reliable.”They certainly are a resource for our police protection, while they’re doing their investigative work, to have something you can rely on,” Goodwin says.Councilors have been evaluating several options to improve reliability by running a new fiber optic system. The choices range in the thousands of dollars – costly – but officials say, an asset to the town. They’re set to choose a plan next month.”I want them running,” Goodwin says. “We’ve put them up, we’ve gone to the expense of purchasing them. I certainly want them running and useful.”