Bangor Auditorium Replacement 

A replacement for the aging Bangor Auditorium could cost about half as much as the city once expected to pay. That’s what community leaders heard on Friday during a presentation from a newly-hired consulting firm out of Chicago. Representatives studied the area to find out what kind of facility they think the community could support and what kind of price tag it should carry. Mayor Gerry Palmer says new estimates for a new auditorium are now coming in the 50-million dollar range – about half the cost of the last projections. He says a lot of that is because of a dip in the economy and an al a carte plan created by the consultants that would let the city pick and choose certain features and build the arena gradually. “We’re not suggesting you build the Taj Mahal,” Said David Stone of the Chicago-based Economics Research Associates. “That would be an unnecessary expense and you wouldn’t need it to get the kind of events that would be held here. It’s just not necessary and probably not affordable. But not necessary, more importantly.” “The maine way is to be frugal and I think this is much like a wedding, something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue,” Said Mayor Palmer. “And I think we’ll come up with a very good product.”The city has studied the idea of a new auditorium for years.One of the new lead ideas is to build another facility next to the current arena, then turn it into ballroom and meeting space, while updating the Civic Center.