Wave in Acadia National Park Blamed for Death of 7 Year Old 

Wayne Harvey

The Coast Guard has said that one of the people pulled from the water, a seven year old girl, has died. The girls name has not been released, but Steve Steve McCausland of Maine Public Safety said she was from New York state.The other two, a 12 year old girl and an adult male, are still in the hospital at this hour.MDI hospital treated 15 people, 11 were treated and released, 4 required additional care.The eyes of the northeast were trained on Hurricane Bill, and it’s path through the Atlantic.That brought out crowds of people along the coast to watch the storm surge.It turned into a day of horror for some in Acadia National Park.” A lot of folks were coming to Acadia just to see the surf, the offshore influences from Hurricane Bill plus the high at 1:38 made for some pretty spectacular waves so the public came to the shore to se that activity the park was packed,” said Stuart West, Chief Ranger of Acadia National Park.The waves were delivering the views that people came to see cresting at 12 to 15 feet. But West would say later, people got too comfortable and too close to the water.Coast Guard Chief Bosun Mate Kevinn Smith, the Executive Petty Officer for Coast Guard Station Southwest Harbor said ” Shortly after noon this afternoon the Coast Guard received a report of persons in the water, Thunder Hole in Acadia National Park we launched a 47 foot Motor Lifeboat from our station in Southwest Harbor we also launched two aircraft from Cape Cod.”Virginia’s Diane Brown was visting friends on MDI when they decided to go into Acadia National Park.They arrived at about the same time as the rescue crews, and they parked near Thunder Hole.” That’s where they set up all the emergency vehicles and they had the rescue workers with ropes but the surf was coming in way to strong they couldn’t rescue from land.”Smith of the Coast Guard continued, ” About 1:05pm they rescued two persons from the water, they were transferred to the local EMS in Seal Harbor and then resumed their search for a possible third person in the water.”” The Coast Guard finally came in and we were all watching with a lot of anticipation,” said Brown. ” And when the Coast Guard finally got close enough they threw a rope out but the person had been in the water at that point for a long time and one of the Coast Guard rescuers jumped in the water and pulled them to safety and everyone cheered and it was a really good feeling but it was only one person.”” at 3:30 this afternoon our Motor Lifeboat rescued a third person from the water and were transported to the EMS at Seal Cove, ” said Smith.