Benefit Dinner Helps Owls Head Lobsterman 

In Owls Head the community has rallied behind three local fishermen whose boats were victimized by vandals.”I woke up one morning and it was sunk,” says Keith Simmonds, one of the victims,”they sure put it to me, they’ve been putting it to me for years.”Simmonds was among the fishermen who found their boats sunk back on August 5th. Donald and Richard Mcmahan are the other two and Donald’s sister Deborah remembers that day all too well.”Oh I was devastated because my brother worked 2 years to get back fishing again because he had a stroke and and an aneurysm,”said Damon “so I was upset when it happened.”All three men are back fishing again but for how long nobody knows. The long term damage to their boats is more extensive then they once thought. “They all got their boats back going,” says Damon, “now they’re having problems with traps getting cut off, some of them lost their electronics so we have to find out what the electronics are going to cost, the engines, they’re working right now, but some of them are having problems with them so they may have to replace them before the years is out, that could be $10-$20,000 for one engine.”This benefit is to help to raise the money needed to keep these fishermen on their feet. The people around here are just hoping to see an end to all the territorial fighting. “I want to see an end to it,” says Damon, “I wish everybody could just get along, everybody could just fish their own area like they’re supposed to instead of fighting, cutting each other off, i just think it needs to end and everybody needs to get along.”Anyone interested in donating money to help these three lobstermen can call Deborah Damon at 207-594-8565 or email her at [email protected]