Update on Three Car Collision in Holden 

Holden police say the driver of a mini van may have made a misjudgement that caused three vehicles to collide on Route 1-A.The mini van, a truck, and an SUV crashed last night at the intersection of 1-A and Upper Dedham Road.Police say 17-year-old Kevin Bonefas of Dedham was driving the mini van and pulled onto 1-A and thought he could get into the flow of traffic.That’s when he was hit by the truck, driven by James King of East Millinocket, headed in the opposite direction.The driver of the SUB, David Silver of Massachusetts, then collided with the van as well.Catherine O’Neal, Bonefas’s sister, was injured and taken to the hospital. Her condition is not known. Their mother was also riding with them but not hurt.